In this part of my paintings I really enjoy some texture of fabrics. It reminds me of some nostalgic things in my past life. I feel it and use it in my paintings as a part of my sense.

I found out that in old Iranian paintings like ” Miniature” painting this kind of texture has been used. I really love them, I try to paint my intimate feelings which can explain private life such as family or depends on our society.

I try to make an illusion in my paintings and let others judge. I believe there is a group soul in our life. An artist can find it better and share it.

In Iranian culture, literature and poems were the main parts and old painters illustrated it with their customs or their special taste. So their themes depended on it.

I use a theme, too. I explain my internal feelings with colors and textures. I tend to Expressionism, Such as some Neo-Expressionisms with my Iranian traditional roots that are so respectable for me. Honestly, a mixed up human in our contemporary life with every aspect of her life details in her paintings.

I lived with a turtle for years. I was so alone after a horrible event that had happened for me. My turtle was a kind of partner for me. I tried to talk to him and watch his habits. We were the same and I thought our “solitude” was the same. The solitude is not only for me but also is for contemporary humanity.

I took many photos of him and drew him. Beside this matter one of my friends explained a fairy tale that was for the north of Iran and old mothers were telling their children: it was about a girl who swam in a river, suddenly a man arrived. She didn’t like that man see her bare body. So she asked GOD to save her from that shyness. God changed her to a turtle.

I used this story too, and I mixed it with my emotional thoughts in my paintings that you can see.