Elham Bayati

www.elhambayati.com        e-mail:  elhambayati59@gmail.com

Curriculum Vitae:

Permanent Member of Society of Iranian Painters (SIP)

Education Background:

2016-2018: MFA in Visual Art; Columbus College of Art & Design – Columbus, OH
2003-2006: M.A.in Painting; University of Art- Tehran-Iran.
1998-2003: B.A. in Painting; University of Art- Tehran-Iran.
1995-1999: B.A. Diploma in Art; Plastic Art School- Tehran-Iran.

Academic Papers (research):

Study in TRANS-AVANT GARDE movement (Neo Expressionism in ITALY):

Mimmo Paladino-Francesco Clemente-Enzo Cucci-Sendro Chia.

Teaching Experience:

2016/02- 2017/12: CCAD T.A.

Teaching assistant (as an assistant to Rob Robbins) Painting Studio.
Teaching assistant (as an assistant to Andrew McCauley) Visual Litracy.

2007/02- 2015/02: College Instructor (Tehran, Elmi Karbordi Cultural Center)

Teaching drawing and painting studio, techniques and methods.
Teaching Visual Literacy 1 and 2/Color Theory.
Select/develop appropriate curriculum and teaching materials.
Assess student’s progress and achievement.
Direct and advise student’s drawing and painting tasks.
Advise students on learning strategies.

2006/02- 2007/06: Drawing Instructor (Tehran University of Art and Craft)

Teaching basic drawing1 and 2 for undergraduate students.
Drawing from landscape, still life, Human figures base on improving personal vision and personal expression and creative mind.

2004/09- 2005/05: Painting Studio Instructor (Art high school)

Teaching Figurative Painting.

2003- 2005: Elementary School/ Tehran (Art Teacher)

Teaching and working with children to improve their creativity and creating a play
Through visual arts to encourage them in art and find their talents in these fields.

2001/07-2005/10: Fine Arts Instructor (Mehravar Cultural Institute)

Teach students drawing and painting techniques and methods.
Select/develop appropriate curriculum and teaching materials.
Assess students’ progress and achievement.
Direct and advise students’ projects.
Advise students on learning strategies.

1999/08-2001/05: Plastic Art School

Drawing and Painting instructor. Teaching mediums such as water color and oil color.
Improving creativity to find the students own language in fine art.

Professional Experience:

2017- 2018: Pizzuti Collection: Intern

As part of the Pizzuti curatorial team, I installed, planned, and supported six exhibitions. I also supported collectors and visitors to the Collection.

2016- 2018: CCAD Library:

As part of librarian staff team, I guided art students relate to their art research in library.

2008- 2011: Samand Tile:

Wall Tile Designer and Art Director
Samand Tile is a wall tile company based in Tehran. I worked for them designing approximately 400 wall tiles for clients including hotels, museums, and homes.

1999- 2003: Animation Film Company:

Animation Character Designer

1995-1996: Esteghlal Newspaper (Sport Newspaper):

Face Cartoonist/ Caricaturist

Solo Exhibition:

2014 Golestan Gallery Tehran- Iran
2010 Golestan Gallery Tehran- Iran
2008 Golestan Gallery Tehran- Iran
2007 Atbin Gallery Tehran- Iran

Group Exhibition:

2019 Chromedge Gallery Columbus-Ohio-USA
2018 Beeler Gallery Columbus-Ohio-USA
2018 Roy G Biv Gallery Columbus-Ohio-USA
2017 Carnegie Gallery Columbus-Ohio-USA
2017 Sean Christopher Gallery Columbus-Ohio-USA
2016 Acock Gallery Columbus-Ohio-USA
2016 Roy G Biv Gallery Columbus-Ohio-USA
2015 Aria Gallery Tehran-Iran
2015 66 Gallery Tehran-Iran
2014 Artists Home Tehran-Iran
2013 Artists Home ( Iranian Women Artists) Tehran-Iran
2013 Contemporary Museum of Art Tehran-Iran
2012 Golestan Gallery Tehran-Iran
2012 Fine Art Center Tehran-Iran
2011 Golestan Gallery Tehran-Iran
2011 Artists Home (first Season SIP exhibition) Tehran-Iran
2010 Golestan Gallery Tehran-Iran
2009 Golestan Gallery Tehran-Iran
2009 Elaheh Gallery Tehran-Iran
2008 Artists Home Tehran-Iran
2007 Atbin Gallery Tehran – Iran
2007 Artists Home ( Autoportrait ) Tehran – Iran
2006 China Expo Beijing – China
2006 Atbin Gallery Tehran – Iran
2006 Contemporary Arts Museum ( youth Art3 ) Tehran – Iran
2006 Niavaran Gallery ( visual arts festival ) Tehran – Iran
2006 Behzad Gallery Tehran – Iran
2006 Contemporary Arts Museum of Isfahan Isfahan – Iran
2005 Istanbul Art (Fair Exhibition of Iranian women) Istanbul – Turkey
2005 Sooreh Gallery Sanandaj – Iran
2005 Arte Gallery Tehran – Iran
2005 Elaheh Gallery Tehran – Iran
2004 Aria Gallery Tehran – Iran
2003 Contemporary Arts Museum ( youth Art2 ) Tehran – Iran
2002 Barg Gallery Tehran – Iran
2002 Haft samar Gallery Tehran – Iran
2001 Atashzad Gallery Tehran – Iran
1999 Contemporary Arts Museum ( design festival ) Tehran – Iran
1999 Daneshjoo Gallery ( Shafagh ) Tehran – Iran
1996 khaneh Aftab Gallery Tehran – Iran
1995 Jamshidieh Gallery Tehran – Iran